05. Boards and committees

Recording boards and committees in Corterum

SM&CR has a strong emphasis on appointing the most fit & proper persons to corporate governance committees. Furthermore, the chair of some committees (e.g. the audit committee and the nomination committee) is a Senior Manager under the regime. You can document the membership, structure and remit of committees in Corterum.

The process

  1. Click Workbench and then Datasets.
  2. Click Senior Managers Regime.
  3. Click Boards and Committees.
  4. Click the circular Plus symbol to the right of the dataset title. The Boards and Committees dataset will open up.
  5. Click the Firm Name box and then click on the firm that you want to link a committee to.
  6. Navigate to the Body Name box and select from the list one board or committee that you would like to assign to your firm (you cannot add multiple committees at one time).
  7. Click on the Chair field and then select the user/employee who chairs the committee. If they are not set up as a Person Entity in Corterum you will need to create them.
  8. Press the members field and select all users/employees who are full, decision-making members of the committee. If the committee has members are not set up as a Person Entity in Corterum you will need to create them.
  9. Click the attends box and select all users/employees who attend meetings of the committee but who are not full members with decision-making powers. If there are attendants who are not set up as a Person Entity in Corterum, you will need to create them.
  10. Click inside the Remit box and describe, in appropriate detail, what the committee does and what it is responsible for.
  11. Click the button underneath the Documentation section and, if applicable, upload any supporting documentation, for example, a committee structure diagram.
  12. Click Save and then Close. This committee is now permanently documented and saved in Corterum.
  13. Repeat steps 4-12 to add each additional committee. Keep doing this until you have documented all the desired committees.        
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