SM&CR compliance.
Made simple.

Corterum is a compliance software platform that enables you to effortlessly manage all your Senior Manager and Certification Regime (SM&CR) regulatory compliance requirements. Corterum works for everyone in your organisation, all in one secure, trusted web software solution.

Personal liability, powerful protection

From December 2019, all FCA-regulated firms are required to prove compliance and ‘fitness’ to operate financial services businesses under the Senior Manager and Certification Regime (SM&CR). These regulations affect everyone from senior managers on down. Corterum’s regulatory compliance solution enables simple, thorough and reliable proof of compliance for every size of business. With risks of significant personal and business fines for breach of regulation, why wait?

The complete SM&CR software solution

Corterum allows you to manage every aspect of your firm and your people with regards to SM&CR compliance:

Corterum Software Product features

The Corterum advantage

Simplified compliance

Corterum helps you manage more than 1000 pieces of data on your business, your staff and the SM&CR regulation. itself, saving hours of administration and making it easy to comply.

Risk reduction

Our comprehensive and intuitive platform makes it easy to comply with all relevant regulations – producing evidence of compliance at the touch of a button.

Cost efficiency

Corterum’s intuitive and easy data capture process lets you quickly centralise all your compliance data in one location, providing the insight and the audit trail you need.

Under the new SM&CR it will no longer be sufficient to comply. Firms and Senior Managers must be able to prove compliance. Only then will they be able to discharge the legal duty to which they are subject.

How it works

Regulation library

Corterum can contain the definition of each and every regulation your firm is subject to, providing a central ledger of all pertinent rules you need to comply with.

Data and documents

A sophisticated data and document model ties directly back to individual legislation, showing you the exact data required to comply and putting everything in one place in anticipation of your next regulatory audit

Rules and workflow

Pre-defined business rules highlight regulatory gaps, track down breaches, and evidence your steps to resolution. Leverage our rules or build your own.

Our clients

Simple solutions, simple pricing

Corterum’s feature-rich SM&CR compliance solutions are all available with simple, straightforward pricing – just choose the package that’s right for you.

Why choose Corterum?

Central SM&CR hub

Corterum stores all of your SM&CR data and documents in one secure location. All information is mapped into a comprehensive SM&CR framework, allowing you to evidence compliance in an instant.

Regulations mapped

Corterum already tracks over 1,000 data points against each staff member. Moreover, it tracks that data through time and facilitates the multiple-user input required if compliance is to be achieved.

Full audit and change tracking

Every change to your SM&CR data is audited upon entry and through its entire lifecycle. Demonstrate a history of compliance at any time through the ‘Time Machine’ function.

Dashboards and task management

Instant updates on compliance tasks. View outstanding actions in real time at a glance. Our task management system allows efficient creation, management and assignment of any compliance action.

Enhanced controls

The workflow and approvals module enables robust controls to be placed around your processes, reducing human error and enabling senior management to attest to compliance with confidence.

Regulatory updates

As the application will be updated with the latest changes in the SM&CR regime, you'll reduce SM&CR maintenance cost and operational risk whilst leveraging your ability to access industry best practice.

Automated reporting

Automate the production of your critical regulatory documentation such as Statements of Responsibilities (SoRs). Demonstrate compliance with just one click.

Secure, private and reliable

Your data is held securely on our AWS platform and encrypted at rest and in transit. IP whitelisting reduces the attack surface of the solution and risks of cyber-attack are actively managed.