Simple, scalable pricing, for all your SM&CR needs

We believe pricing should be simple, flexible and scalable to match your compliance requirements. That's why our standard package comes with everything you need to manage compliance for up to 5 users, all for one low monthly price.

Our pricing model

Item Monthly price*
Licence fee (including 5 FREE user accounts)
6-50 users
£4 per user
51-100 users
£3 per user
101 users +
£2.50 per user

*All prices exclusive of VAT

Example 1:

John runs a small investment management consultancy, with just 25 staff. Of those, 5 are Senior Managers, 10 are subject to the Certification Regime and 10 subject to the Conduct Rules only. Based on those numbers, he will pay each month:

  • License fee – £100 
  • 6-50 users x 20- £80
£180 per month + VAT
Example 2:

Jane is the head of compliance for a large consumer finance organisation. The business employs 240 staff; of which 20 are Senior Managers, 120 are subject to the Certification Regime and 100 to the Conduct Rules only. Based on those numbers, she will pay each month:

  • License fee – £100 
  • 6-50 users x 45 – £180
  • 51-100 users x 50 – £150
  • 101 users + x 140 – £350
£780 per month + VAT

What you'll get for your money


Simple, straightforward processes for managing FCA-required attestations.

FCA Forms

Generate all required FCA forms, such as Statements of Responsibilities, in just a few clicks!

Email and online support

Corterum is intuitive and easy to use, but if you have any questions, our team are available to help when you need us.


Automate key SM&CR process and never miss a deadline. You'll always know the next step you need to take.

MI & Reporting

Full featured dashboard so you can see your next actions at a glance, with full featured MI coming soon.

Custom features

For larger firms, or those with more complex requirements, we also offer custom packages for specific use cases.

In addition to the full SM&CR compliance suite, we can offer:

Corterum can be integrated with most major single sign-on technologies so you can seamlessly integrate Corterum into your application ecosystem.

To further protect your data, we can implement secure IP whitelisting, so your instance of Corterum can only be accessed via specified IP addresses.

Corterum can be configured to deliver precise reporting that’s tailored to your requirements. In addition our powerful workflows technology can be customised to match your current existing processes, 

If you’re looking for a powerful, custom solution to manage and evidence SM&CR compliance, book a demonstration with our team so we can discuss your requirements.