Task assignment update

Feature update: Assigning tasks to Groups and Entities

Our latest update streamlines the process of administrating tasks by allowing you to assign them to groups and entities at the click of a button.

The next time you create a task within Corterum from anywhere in the Administration section, you’ll see slightly different options when it comes to assigning that task. Let’s take a look at how this works:


Next time you add a task within Corterum, you’ll see some new options:

  • “Select Groups to assign task to” – e.g. Administrators, Certification Employees, Senior Managers. Note: you can select multiple groups at once.
  • “Select Entities to assign task” – e.g. individual members of staff. Again, you can select multiple entities at once.

This would, for example, allow you to create a task and assign it to all of the administrators and senior managers within your firm, while also assigning it to two individual members of staff within your firm who do not fit into either of these groups.

You can also edit an existing task that was created before this update and assign it to groups/entities.


We’ve also applied this functionality to our task scheduling feature, allowing you to schedule a task and assign it to groups and/or entities.