Feature Update - Filtering and Staff Information

Feature update: Entity filtering and staff information reports

This month, our devs have been busy creating some fantastic new tools to let you filter entities by company and generate detailed staff information reports. Read on to find out more!


Entity filtering

You now have the ability within Corterum to filter entities by the company(s) they’re part of. So, if you manage multiple companies within your Corterum instance, you can filter them to only show you staff members within one company at a time.

As an example of how this works, you could filter your entities to only show the entities linked to Company A.

Alternatively, you could filter to see the entities that are linked to Company A AND Company B.

You can find the new entity filtering tools on the right-hand side of the Entities menu, within the Administration section.

Staff information reports

Next time you go into your reporting tab, you’ll see that you can now generate staff information reports.

From here, you can generate two types of staff information report:

  • Staff information report for all people within your firm
  • Staff information report for selected members of staff

These reports contain essential information on the selected staff members, including their job title, SM&CR classification, Senior Management Functions held and much more.

You can find staff information reporting in the Reports section within Corterum.

Want to learn more about Corterum’s entity filtering and staff information reporting functionality, as well as the ways in which the platform can help your SM&CR regulated firm? Get in touch with us below!