Introducing: Corterum Freemium

Introducing: Corterum Freemium

We believe that SM&CR compliance solutions should be available to everyone – that’s why we’ve made our basic tier of Corterum FREE for businesses with fewer than 30 staff.

The free version of Corterum provides you with many of the tools you need to get started with SM&CR compliance, all in one convenient place.

What do you get with Freemium?

Let’s take a closer look at what you’ll get when you sign up for the free version of Corterum:

Core SM&CR datasets

The free version of Corterum comes with all of the datasets you need to comply with the SM&CR.

Full audit trail

Every change to your SM&CR data is audited upon entry and through its entire lifecycle. Demonstrate a history of compliance at any time through the ‘Time Machine’ function.

Role creation and permissioning

Assign roles to your users and provide them with specific permissions to determine what they can see and do within the application.

Document repository

Store all of the documents and certificates you need to support your SM&CR compliance, with support for file formats including:

  • PDFs
  • Word documents
  • Image files (JPG, PNG, SVG)
  • Excel spreadsheets

You can also assign descriptions, dates to documents, as well as linking them to particular staff members and/or companies within Corterum.

Statements of Responsibilities

Create full statements of responsibilities for your Senior Managers, which you can then export in the FCA-required format.

Fit and Proper certificates

Generate certificates for your staff members to show that they are fit and proper to carry out their role.

Create tasks

Administrators can assign tasks to users and assign attributes such as priority level, deadline and the mandatory requirement to complete the task.

Get started now!

To get started with Corterum, head to our sign-up page and fill in your details. Setting up your new Corterum account only takes a minute, so you’ll be up and running in no time!

Want more from Corterum?

If you have a business with more than 30 members of staff, or need a more comprehensive SM&CR compliance solution, our Pro and Enterprise plans represent fantastic value for money.

To learn more about the variety of Corterum plans we offer, head to our pricing page.