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July Developer update: Analytics

Our developer update blog series aims to share the exciting work our dev team are producing to make Corterum even better – and even more efficient at helping you handle every part of Senior Manager and Certification Regime (SM&CR) compliance.

In this update, our team are pleased to announce that our first set of analytics & MI is now available to use for all Corterum subscribers.

Our new analytics visualisations

The importance of analytics

The SM&CR requires the collation and evidencing of hundreds of different pieces of information in order to demonstrate compliance. Throughout the year, as your business and people change, various pieces of information need to be recorded and, in some cases, reported to the FCA with varying timescales and deadlines to meet so that you can comply with the regime.

Whether it’s regulatory references for certification staff (which the FCA advise must be provided within 6 weeks – keep an eye out for our new references visualisation – coming soon!) or certifying your staff as fit and proper to carry out their role – which must be done at least annually –compliance teams must juggle these deadlines for multiple people within their firm.

Our analytics visualisations show completion (or not) of key compliance actions, so you can judge your performance at a glance. As well as this top-level information, you can use these charts and graphs to ‘drill down’ into the data in order to identify individual staff members who are required to take action in order to comply.  Right now, you can use our analytics suite to identify:

  • Fitness and propriety attestation status
  • Data on Conduct Rules breaches over time
  • Conduct Rules training completion

This is just the start

Our analytic suite is constantly growing as we look for new and exciting ways to visualise your compliance data and processes. We are constantly working to improve and update Corterum to be the best SM&CR compliance software around – and we hope you agree. If you have any suggestions for any features that could make Corterum even better – why not drop us a line?

Of course, if you haven’t already taken the plunge and signed up for Corterum – what are you waiting for? Drop us a line and we’ll arrange a demonstration to show you how Corterum can make SM&CR compliance easy, saving you time – and money.