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Overview of the “four outcomes”

The “four outcomes” are elements of the firm-consumer relationship which the FCA considers to be instrumental in helping to drive good outcomes for consumers.  They relate to:

  1. Products and services,
  2. Price and value,
  3. Consumer understanding, and
  4. Consumer support.[1]

In general, the “four outcomes” apply at the level of the target market rather than at the level of an individual customer.[2]  They would only apply at an individual customer level where a bespoke product or service has been developed for a particular customer.[3]

A very short article this week.

In future weeks we will go on to discuss the “four outcomes” within the context of the various stages of a typical product lifecycle.  However, before doing this – next week – we will take a slight diversion to consider the scope of the Consumer Duty more generally.

Stay tuned!

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