Feature update 18-10

Think you’re too small to benefit from SM&CR software? You really aren’t. Here’s why…

Gah! If I had a penny for every time a firm told me that they were too small to need SM&CR software…

Large firms have deep pockets; lots of resource; and dedicated, specialist expertise. But they still root out every opportunity to streamline existing processes.

Small firms have none of these advantages. The time that they do have is at an absolute premium.

So why do so many eschew outside assistance?

It’s not about size. It’s about time. REALLY appreciating the value of time. In my book, if you run a small business your time is EVEN MORE valuable than a peer in a large organisation.

SM&CR compliance is KEY to your business, but it’s not CORE. So why are you spending more time on it than is necessary?

Small company? Think big. Time is the most precious commodity there is. Ask yourself what your time worth and then take action to reclaim it.

How much would you pay to claw back just one hour of your time?