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The SM&CR compliance challenge

The Senior Management and Certification Regime, or SM&CR, places significant responsibilities on senior managers within financial institutions. It firms to be compliant, transparent and accountable.

Whether your firm is large or small, Core or Enhanced, you need an SM&CR compliance solution that can meet these demanding requirements.

How compliant is your firm?

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The complete SM&CR compliance solution

Whether managing the completion of fit and proper testing, producing Statements of Responsibilities, obtaining attestations from staff, managing regulatory references, submitting FCA Directory data or providing a home for Senior Managers to record their decisions, Corterum makes it easy – saving you time and money and putting you on the right track to SM&CR compliance.

Streamline your Consumer Duty processes

The Consumer Duty is designed to better protect consumers from harm by ensuring that financial products and services are fit for purpose, offer fair value and help customers make effective choices.

The scale of the compliance challenge should not be underestimated. At EVERY stage of the customer journey, the needs, characteristics and objectives of customers must be taken into account.

Corterum enhances your Consumer Duty compliance process including managing products, value assessment, policies, procedures and much more!

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