Fit and proper testing: Your 7-step checklist

  1. Obtain an up-to-date job description.
  2. Note the nature of the fit and proper assessment (new role vs annual vs triggered vs in-year).
  3. Gather evidence for each fit and proper ‘pillar’, being
    1. Honesty, integrity and reputation,
    2. Competence and capability, and
    3. Financial soundness.
  1. Identify (and record) gaps in evidence.
  2. Confirm the extent to which evidence is verified.
  3. Identify Certification Risks and Certification Issues.
    1. Identify mitigating and aggravating factors.
    2. Identify mitigating and remedial steps.
  1. Issue certificate for those assessed as fit and proper.
  2. For those assessed as not fit and proper:
    1. Identify and communicate the steps (if any) the firm proposes to take as a result of the decision and the reasons for proposing to take those steps.
    2. Notify the FCA (Senior Managers)
  • Prevent the individual from performing the relevant Certification Function(s) (Certification Employees)

Everything you wanted to know about SM&CR - but were afraid to ask!

New to SMCR – or need a hand getting up to speed withj SMCR compliance? This guide will help you understand and implement every part of the SM&CR. You’ll learn, amongst other things:

  • How firms are classified.
  • How to identify Certification Staff.
  • The Responsibilities of a Senior Manager.
  • Conduct Rules & how they apply to your role.

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