What information is published within the FCA Directory?

Information relating to a “Directory Person” which is made public on the FCA Directory includes:

  1. employer details;
  2. restrictions applying to a firm’s regulated activities;
  3. individual’s name;
  4. Individual Reference Number;
  5. passport number (not that this is only required if the Directory Person does not have a National Insurance Number);
  6. National Insurance Number;
  7. relevant role(s) held;
  8. start and end date of each role;
  9. type of business the individual is qualified to undertake (if qualifications are required);
  10. workplace location(s) (for customer-facing roles requiring qualifications only) – but note that individuals who may be put at risk by having their location published do not need to provide their location;
  11. customer engagement method(s) (for customer-facing roles requiring qualifications only) – note that the three options are “face-to-face”, “telephone” and/or “online”;
  12. membership of relevant accredited bodies (for customer-facing roles requiring qualifications only);
  13. regulatory sanctions and prohibitions; and
  14. date information was last updated.[1]

[1] PS19/7, page 5

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