What is a ‘Statement of Responsibilities’?

As set out in SUP10C.11, all Senior Managers must have a “Statement of Responsibilities” (“SoR”).  The Statement of Responsibilities should be a single document, which sets out clearly the role and responsibilities of the individual and the areas for which he/she is accountable.

Statements of Responsibilities should be clear and easy to understand.  They should describe a Senior Manager’s responsibilities and accountabilities but should avoid going into unnecessary detail.  They should be self-contained documents and should not refer to, or incorporate by reference, other documents.

Statements of Responsibilities must be produced on a per-entity basis.  As such, Senior Managers who work for multiple entities will have more than one Statement of Responsibilities.  However, a Senior Manager who has been assigned multiple Senior Management Functions within a single entity need have only one Statement of Responsibilities.

A Statement of Responsibilities must be submitted to the FCA when applying for approval for a new Senior Manager and also when there is a material change to the responsibilities of an existing senior manager (for example, where the Senior Manager in question has been allocated an additional Prescribed Responsibility, or a Prescribed Responsibility has been taken away from the Senior Manager).  The Senior Manager is responsible for keep his/her own Statement of Responsibilities up-to-date.

The FCA has produced a template Statement of Responsibilities which firms can use.

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