Corterum recap 2

Corterum 2022 recap

We’ve made some incredible progress with Corterum this year, and we firmly believe we’ve created the most comprehensive SM&CR compliance solution on the market.

Let’s take a look back at all of the major updates we’ve made to Corterum over the course of 2022!

Dashboard and group attestations

Our first update of the year was a big one! We added a customisable dashboard allowing you see, at a glance, information about your SM&CR classification; the tasks and attestations you’ve been assigned; your Fitness and Propriety information and more.

In the same update, we also added the ability to assign an attestation to a group of users within your firm, significantly streamlining the process of assigning an attestation to multiple people and saving your administration staff valuable time and effort.

Read the update blog here.

Shortly after we added our dashboard functionality, we expanded it to include modules for certification functions, senior manager functions and information about your staff members, which you can read more about in this blog post.


For our next big feature release, we added the ability to send and receive messages between administrators and users. You can read about our messaging functionality here.

We then released an update expanding on our messenger functionality, allowing you to send messages to individual entities.

Entity filtering

Our next update added the ability to filter entities by the company(s) they’re part of. You can read more about this here.

Staff information reports

In the same update we added entity filtering, we added the ability to generate the following staff information reports:

  • Staff information report for all people within your firm
  • Staff information report for selected members of staff

Frequently performed action - adding a new business

With this update, we streamlined the process of adding a new business to your Corterum instance by adding a new frequently performed action. You can learn more about this update here.

Custom reporting

With one of our biggest updates of the year, we added tools to give you granular insights into your firm’s data with our custom reporting functionality.

We put together a comprehensive blog post going through everything you need to know about custom reporting, which you can read here.

In a later update, we also also added the ability to create and use custom report templates to make the process of creating them even quicker and easier.

Workflow improvements

We haven’t just been adding new functionality this year, we’ve also spent a lot of time making our existing tools and features the best they can be! In this update, we made a number of improvements to our workflow functionality.

Organisation charts

This update lets you create organisational charts for your firm with just a few clicks, so you can quickly and easily see your firm’s organisational structure at a glance! 

We take you through the ways in which organisation charts work in this blog.

Profile pictures

Our profile pictures update allows you to recognise and find the Business or Person Entity you’re looking for quickly and easily. Learn more in our blog post.

Fit and Proper progress charts

This update added a tool within our analytics suite to help you keep track of everyone within your firm who is subject to a Fit and Proper assessment, and which stage of their assessment they’ve reached.

Attestation metadata reports

We also added the ability to download a report containing the metadata for all of the attestations that have been provided within your firm.

Firm classification quiz

This update added the ability to complete quiz questions in order to quickly and easily determine your firm’s SM&CR classification. Read more about this update here.

Free text attestations and table dataset reports

In this update, we added new functionality to some of our existing features within Corterum, including improvements to attestations and custom reporting. You can read more about this update in this blog.

Favouriting datasets

Our most recent update added the ability to set individual datasets as favourites, allowing you to access them quickly from one convenient place.

Learn more here.

2023 is going to be just as packed with feature updates and improvements as this year was, so stay tuned to our blog to get the latest on Corterum’s ongoing development!